Business IT Solutions

Our professional team of IT technicians excels in providing practical IT solutions in a cost effective and time sensitive manner to our clients including SME’s and educational institutions.

The Lighthouse IT Team works with clients to develop high quality and tailored IT solutions. Staying abreast with the latest technology, we pride ourselves knowing we provide some of the best IT services across the South East.

We can supply and install any It equipment or software you may need, and at competitive prices. We have strong links with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure you get the best hardware and software for your application

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Lighthouse IT can provide technical support maintain the system and network devices for your business, ensuring your systems run smoothly.

We make sure our clients receive only the best IT support, either in-house, through an on-site visit or remotely.
Our team monitors and maintains computer systems, installs and configures hardware/software, establishes and maintains network access and solves technical problems.

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Security is paramount. As the amount of Internet connected devices in your home and business grows, the risk of a security issue grows also.  

Our team is experienced in the area of cyber-security. We can advise you on, and help you take steps to improve your security, at home on a personal level, or in your business or website on an enterprise-level. 

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Lighthouse IT are suppliers of enterprise grade network equipment and provide quality network solutions.

We can assist in the design and deployment of a Network infrastructure on your premises, scaled to meet the requirements of your business.
We will work with you to understand the scope of your network and source the requisite equipment for a reliable network

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Lighthouse IT can discuss in length with you to develop plans for Business Continuity, by putting prevention and recovery measures in place for automatic data backups and File Recovery in the event of disaster. As well as ensuring remote access to important data should be required.

We can assist in the development and configuration of prevention and recovery measures such as such as On-Site/Off-Site disaster recovery, routine data backups and Cloud/Office365 document backups.

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We are committed to our clients, and take a pro-active stance when it comes to your IT maintenance. 

Lighthouse IT will perform regular servicing and maintenance to your devices to ensure minimal to no downtime. Many factors can cause performance issues in your devices which can delay or impede workflow, such as unscheduled updates to your systems or unanticipated activity within certain performance-heavy software (like Anti-Virus)

With routine checks to your hardware & software, we can eliminate unexpected downtime in order to ensure there are no disruptions to your devices. 

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We provide only the highest quality equipment to our clients, from trusted hardware manufacturers with excellent product reliability. 

Our team has comprehensive knowledge of IT hardware on the market. We can discuss what hardware would be most beneficial for what you require, and using our trusted suppliers, we provide you with high quality, reliable parts and devices from brands you can trust. 

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From operating systems to office software, Lighthouse IT has you covered. 
Our team has extensive knowledge of all kinds of software and can help find the most suitable software for your needs.

We are vendors for many popular and revered software packages and operating systems.
We can provide competitive prices for these, advise you on which ones can help your business thrive and provide support for these programs.