Web, SEO & Branding

Lighthouse IT are a leading provider of web development, search engine optimisation and branding services and training. We can supercharge your businesses presence online.

Our team has highly skilled web and design professionals. We can develop your next website within budget and on time
We also offer hosting and security services, meaning you won’t need to worry about keeping your website working in tip top shape.
We can also help with your online advertising campaigns to get the most out of your budgets.

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Lighthouse IT can work with you and develop a strategy to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We can assist in boosting your online presence and improving web traffic, optimizing and increasing the visibility of your website or social media page to a larger audience among popular search engines.

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We can grow your online social media presence through the use of deployed targeted ads to increase your user base.
We can also keep your audience up to date and informed with regular scheduled posts and updates through your social media platforms.

If you do not yet have a presence on social media platforms, Lighthouse IT can work with you to develop a social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

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Lighthouse IT can assist in creation and printing of new branding and logo design.

We can work with you to create bespoke and original designs for Graphics and Logos tailor-made to suit your business.

Once a custom design has been produced, we perform some last checks with you to ensure the finished product is to your specification before it is sent for printing.